Viewer Automotive Questions ~ Podcast Episode 138

Viewer Automotive Questions ~ Podcast Episode 138

Today I will be taking your automotive questions. If you have a question about a car, car repair, DIYs on your car, Volkswagen, mechanic’s tools, or anything car related, ask it up.
Today we cover, being the new guy, Poor throttle response, debt to buy a tool box, how to adjust a parking brake, and more.

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Join me today as I answer your questions on:
~Struggles with being a new technician
~Fixing poor throttle response
~Fixing known car issues FIRST
~Upgrading tool boxes and DEBT
~Is it possible to adjust the handbrake on a 2012 mk6 jetta 2.5l
~How bad are autolite spark plugs in a VW and what kind of problems can they cause
~and more

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6 Responses to “Viewer Automotive Questions ~ Podcast Episode 138”

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  1. Richard parnell says:

    what up HM, thanks for the vid

  2. peter morgan says:

    for the tool box question. he says he can swing the payments. why not save
    that money for a few months and then buy used in full?

  3. ne2i says:

    Sometimes you have to tell those guys to bugger off!

  4. Dao Tran says:

    Hi Charles, my friend just pulled in his 2001 New Beatle into the school
    shop because the driver side CV axle came loose. (so because it has an open
    differential, it can’t move either wheel now) The car was bought a little
    less than a year ago, so he doesn’t know any service history on it. We
    suspect that the car had work done on its CV axles and whoever did it
    didn’t put an Angle Gauge on the bolts when he torqued them down. Now the
    bolts are missing and we don’t have the special tools to replace the CV
    axle ourselves. (VW loves special tools, don’t they?)
    Is taking the car to a dealership our only option? The car only cost $1800,
    we’d rather not have to pay that much to get it running again.

  5. Minnesnowtan says:

    Sam: just smile, nod and ignore the personal crud. Just focus on working
    with your shop foreman because he is helping your future. The others just
    want to drag you down because they may be jealous.

    To be successful, wrenching is only a part of it. A good attitude and good
    personality will propel you further than just doing jobs 15% faster and
    being a person who criticizes. Your better attitude may make you their boss
    one day (maybe they see that and you don’t). Charles’ nickname “The Humble
    Mechanic” shows the right attitude. Humble does not mean doormat, but
    strong, focused, controlled.

    Stick with the shop foreman, stay enthusiastic and be yourself. You will do

  6. scooter041031 says:

    I was lucky as a new tech I worked in a small mom and pop shop where the
    owner really helped and took care of his techs as well as had a very good
    group of guys with not much junk talking.
    Now when I was in other shops there was a lot of the trash talk we all did
    it like HM said it’s like a locker room you gotta get a thick skin and once
    you start to know them better when they trash talk to you give it right
    The master series is the cats meowww I have a triple bank with a locker,
    elec. side box, top garage and the very upper book storage and man when I
    look at all my old receipts for that stuff it makes me sick the amt of
    money it all cost.

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