VW Crash Testing: Following Collision Repair Procedures

VW Crash Testing: Following Collision Repair Procedures

Ever heard a technician say “I’ve been doing it this way for years”?

Yeah, we have too. Then we found this video by VW on the VW Ireland site. What happens if you take OEM parts and follow an older OEM approved replacement procedure instead of the latest OEM repair procedure? Would it make a difference in how it crash tested?

Now what if you didn’t follow the OEM guidelines at all and did your own repair based on your perceived experience and not on knowledge of the car?

Any questions?

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  1. TheroiesofBlaze says:

    Thanks for sharing this video! I hope more OEM’s will document and publish
    this type of information in the future. Understanding the importance of
    exact OEM procedures is just as important for shops/technicians to know as
    it is for customers when they are choosing a repair facility. Customers
    tend to be easier to convince of that importance but I believe videos like
    this could really help to educate technicians.

  2. Alan's Collision Center says:

    The responsibility is often ours to ensure we use the most up to date OEM
    repair guidelines, procedures, manuals. At our center, Alan’s Collision, we
    use all the industry resources we can to ensure we’re repairing to current
    OEM specifications.

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