Classic VW BuGs How to Quickly Clean Restore Beetle Ghia Bus Speedometer

Classic VW BuGs How to Quickly Clean Restore Beetle Ghia Bus Speedometer


This is a short video on Restoring your VW Speedometer.


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  1. gearnoggin says:

    Love your vids!

  2. Matt Jackson says:

    Can you do this exact type video on headlights? 

  3. arturo tellez says:

    how can i put it on 00000 miles?

  4. Pimento Momento says:


  5. amjad amj says:

    great work and smart i like vw

  6. 1uptospeed says:

    all right chris,

  7. Arturo Martinez says:

    Muy buenos vídeos tengo un vw bus modelo 82 me gustaría ver algunos sobre

  8. Thomas Payne says:

    Very cool. I’ve got a salvaged one sitting on the shelf. I’ll tear into it
    as practice for when I do my 66…

  9. Joshuwa Dubuc says:

    I just restored a speedometer after watching Chris here’s videos. I did
    everything the way he talked about and it came out beautiful! However upon
    reassembling the “glass and bezel” back onto the “case” the edges of the
    bezel crimped and slipped and I ended up scratching the speedo dial :( But
    it still looks like new. Just be very careful on reassembly. I bend the
    bezel “clip” a little less aggressive and it slid on with no problem.
    (Sorry about the bad description moral is be careful!) I also changed the
    indicator lenses with a red plastic bingo chips from made by Bicycle. And
    green sense from a staples page tab.

  10. Tane' Jacqueline says:

    What are your thoughts on using a vibrating cleaner (dry media for ammo
    casings) on these parts?

  11. garvin zhafran says:

    if i want to buy a beetle (vintage) what is the most important part must to
    be see ?

  12. Michael Britt says:

    Great video Chris. Any particular type of grease used on the gears, etc?

  13. guerrerokidd210 says:

    Nice video man! I have a 70’s beetle and when i drive, the speedo doesnt
    tell me how fast im going, it stays at zero and ive made sure everything is
    hooked on properly. Could you help me?

  14. Jeffrey Beman says:

    you guys need to learn the diff between restoration than just CLEANING
    ..YOUR JUST A A cleaner…

  15. Dan Johnson says:

    Any advise for purchasing a new speedo needle? Mine has crumbled…
    ;-( Vendors, etc. Thanks in advance! I love the videos

  16. Victor Camacho says:

    Hey Chris, me puedes decir la diferencia entre beetle y super beetle…?
    btw, tus vids son expectaculares !!!!! muchas gracias a nombre de todos los
    amantes de losVWs.

  17. Anthony Park says:

    Chris, your videos always point me in the right direction and give me the
    confidence to undertake a job no matter how big or small. Thank you for
    having the passion to pass on the knowledge

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